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Finding Life's Answers Through Spirit


Trance Healing                                $150

I will go into a conscious trance state to invoke the higher energies (spirit) of divine love, light and healing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Your blood and chakra systems are cleansed by removing negative energy and replacing it with love and light. This is a very powerful method of healing.

Color & Sound Healing                           $150

Everything in life has vibration this includes our body. Within our bodies we have energy systems referred to as chakras that are connected to various organs and body parts. When our chakras are out of balance we can experience anything from pain, emotional imbalance and disease. Color and sound also have vibrations and throughout time they have been used in combination for the purpose of healing. Through the use of color visualization, color pomanders, toning, tuning forks and channeling, I will use both modern and ancient techniques to open, balance, energize, and align each chakra.

Lotus Healing                                              $150

The Lotus session is a Brazilian spirit massage technique that removes energy blocks along the spinal cord increasing vitality and improving circulation. I will work with spirit doctors for the purpose of balancing and restoring physical energy and health in the physical body.

Crystal Healing                                $150

Crystals are perfect healing tools as both crystals and our physical bodies respond to and emit vibration. Crystals are thought amplifiers and become even more powerful instruments when we are focused during a state of meditation or healing. Energy follows thought or intent. As our thought form passes through the crystal we connect with the crystal and allow it to resonate correctly and specifically with us. It stabilizes our whole energy field and brings our body back into a state of balance and wellness.

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*White clothing is required to be worn for all healings.